Has A Lasting Impact

JFR Properties had it’s roots in investment property holdings with periodic upgrades and renovations. Recognizing the difficult real estate markets today, we decided that while most developers are focused on tearing down and rebuilding new homes, pushing real estate further out of reach for ordinary people, we would use creativity and quality workmanship to restore and revitalize old homes to stunning and desirable new ones. Our mission developed to Merge Luxury Living with Reasonable Prices. Our value added approach, combined with a skilled construction team, dynamic interior designers and leading real estate advisors are the keys to our success.


Customized to Your Preferences

Whether for our investment or yours, we search for the areas of greatest development opportunities in neighbourhoods and markets that are on the rise. We select our properties carefully, identifying those with the solid framework, most in need of an uplift, unique features and strategic location. The transformation is tailored to the location and demographic, engaging a well developed formula which results in a finished product that is the envy of ’the Jones’s’ at a price that is very competitive. 
Whether we do this for you or for us, we use the same design excellence and quality workmanship and are always proud to place our name behind it.


It’s All in the Details

Using our creative in-house designers and skilled construction team, we tackle your expansion, addition or renovation and transform old, tired spaces into modern, chic and desirable. We can help you find that harmony between traditional and contemporary and everything in between. Our integrity stands before us and guarantee your best interests will be served.





North Vancouver,
BC, Canada

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